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The Cobbs Quay Live Weather site went live in February 2008 to give all us at Cobbs up to the minute access to what the weather is doing here . As you may know there is a great site called Poole Harbour Weather (www.pooleharbourweather.com) which provides a live weather feed from a weather station based at Evening Hill. That site is invaluable for getting a feel for conditions in the harbour or just to see how windy it was when you were out earlier in the day. We thought having our own station at Cobbs would be a good idea as it both allows you to get accurate data on what the weather is doing this minute or if you are in your Office or at Home to see what it is doing down here.

The weather station we use is a Davis Vantage Pro2 linked to the web by some specialist software. The rain catcher and control box are based at our classroom whilst the wind gauge has been installed on the CCTV mast behind Simco Marine by MDL meaning it gets a clear wind reading by being above all the boats, buildings and the rack. The system automatically updates the website every three seconds and as you will see once the station has been around for a while it should give some interesting stats - Like the 51 knots of wind we had the other night!

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from the Weather Station. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to pop in, drop us a email or give us a call.

Paul & Viv Glatzel
Powerboat Training UK

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